"This is a vital handbook for elementary classroom teachers with  ESOL learners. It is a clear and engaging guide to ensuring young  English learners have successful school days. It also gives tools to put  in place when faced with the challenges that come with learning a new  language."- Lyla Combs, CEO and Co-Founder of the Global Center for Refugee Education and Science

 "Ann Morgan’s examples from her own teaching, along with concrete  ideas to support ELLs in the classroom, are valuable to teachers looking  for ways to help this population of students. Her key take-aways at the  end of each chapter are not only a great way to summarize each of her  main points, but also anchor teachers in practical classroom concepts."- Shannon M. Hilliker, assistant professor TESOL Binghamton University

 "Ann Morgan’s concise explanation of who ELL students are goes a  long way to help schools and teachers understand the students they are  teaching, both academically and culturally."- Raeda Zietoon, Coordinator of EL, Frederick County Public Schools, Maryland

"You are quickly drawn in and welcomed into her generous offering of insights, strategies and knowledge regarding...ESOL students. This is not a textbook, but a thoroughly designed ESOL resource that reads like a compass pointing true north with heart, soul, and sense of humor." - Therese Erlich, paraeducator, Montgomery County Public Schools

"It takes an accomplished educator, a passionate teacher, and an  engaging writer to give teachers authentic answers to a complex problem  in a format that is easy to read and even easier to understand. Thank  you, Ann, for your compassionate approach and masterful explanations;  your humor, sensitivity, and hands-on suggestions will make a difference  to children trying to acclimate to strange new worlds and languages. I  can’t wait to share this book with my faculty. "- Lillian Issa, Head of School, St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School, Coral Gables, Florida